About Us


Good Samaritan Support Action was established in the year 2016 by a group of locals in Nairobi slum and registered officially in Kenya as a Community Based Organisation. The organisation supports the poor in education and offer support to vulnerable groups to initiate income generating projects.

Case study

Good Samaritan Support Action in Conjunction with Abundance Farming has been assisting farmers in Kenya to increase their produce. We have assisted farmers in Kenya especially in urban and rural dry lands
We have made demonstrations and participated at farm levels and farmers are very much impressed with the product. We have reached more than 100 small scale farmers in Kenya. ZEBA product has been embraced by farmers and the produce has been improved very much in the country.

Core Values

Commitment of Service to the poor

Environmental Rights

Team Spirit


Mission Statement

To uplift the living standards of the less fortunate in the communities
To empower women to be self- sufficient, self- sustainability, and self –supporting
To improve the academics of the orphans and vulnerable children from the slums
To create an income generating activities to uplift the social economic standards of the women in the program